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I didn’t need another mini bag. Ha! Let’s be honest here. There’s no such thing as too many bags. So when I saw what a friend had done with a bag from Primark and a strap from Accessorize, I had to give it a go. With the original strap the bag wasn’t really making a statement but cut it off and replace with something a bit funkier and it’s a whole different bag game. The strap I bought is no longer available but I’m loving this from Accessorize and these from Next too.


The last protest march I went on was for the miners when I was a student. God knows what I wore then but I know I was cold. For the Women’s March earlier this month I knew that a hat was essential.  I’m a proper grown up now (!) and I know all about the importance of a warm head,  but really I just wanted to wear this hat from Mu Du London

I also know that on a protest march you need snacks and you need to pack these snacks in an easy to carry bag. This rose gold backpack, believe it or not, is from Primark. It feels like leather (but probably isn’t, it was £9) and I’ve used it every day since I bought it.

So, two current trends that work extremely well on a march. I’m now going to the protest outside Downing Street. Look out for me on the news. I’ll be wearing a hat.


Mini bags are a trend that’s still going strong but what do you do when you’ve got loads of stuff to cart around?  Why, invest in a giant tote bag of course.  Oversized bags are everywhere but these exclusive leather trimmed camouflage beauties are designed by North London’s Emily Newson. They’re just one string to her very talented bow – check out her instagram @emnews72 and prepare to be wowed.

The bags come in different shapes and sizes with a choice of trim. After much deliberation I went for the biggest and chose the pink metallic trim (pink is going to be huge, trust me).  I also customised my bag with some iron on patches by Jennie Maizels

You can usually find a selection of Emily’s bags at Margot in Crouch End and while you’re there book a treatment or invest in some Mish London pyjamas. It’s January. It’s cold. There’s no Picpoul until February. Now is the time for some pampering!






Muttonblog has had a bit of a break but I’m back in time for Christmas and looking forward to 2017. It’s got to be better than 2016, right? Anyway, the tagline now needs to be updated so maybe I should change it from:

 Almost 50  to Embracing 50

Nest Almost Empty to Nest Was Empty But Is Now Full Again

Never Giving Up – I reckon that can stay the same.

And what better way to restart the blog than with this coat from good old Marks & Spencer. It brilliantly combines three current trends: velvet, burgundy and nightwear as daywear. Some of the reviews on the M&S website aren’t great because of the whole looking like you’re wearing a dressing gown outside thing but if you want to be stylish and stand out from the crowd I think this look really works.

What I’m wearing: Coat: M&S | Cashmere Sweater: H&M | Jeans: Zara | Boots: Sam Edelman | Sunglasses: Miu Miu | Bag: O Bag | Dog Coat and Lead: model’s own

FullSizeRender (18)



When I saw O Bag had some limited edition bags recently I had to add one to my collection. This O Bag Classic in silver on white  is just gorgeous and I added handles, inner bag and fur trim from my ever growing collection of O Bag accessories. The fun thing about O Bag is trying out different combinations to customise the bags and make them unique to you.  I’m already planning to remove the fur and add white patent handles for a cool summer look.