Bum Bags and Shoppers

There was a rumour about five years ago that the bum bag was having a revival, and I was ready for it.  I’ve always used a bum bag for walking the dog and going to the gym as it’s the perfect size for phone, keys, a bank card and a few dog treats. I also like the freedom of going hands-free. Sadly, it fizzled out and didn’t really happen as a fashion trend. Fast forward to 2018, however, and the bum bag is happily back for good. Today it is being marketed as a belt bag – thank god fanny pack was ruled out – and they are everywhere. I got mine from ASOS and it’s a very simple black nylon bag, but if you shop around you’ll find them in every fabric, colour and price range:

IMG_9728       ASOS £12

IMG_9729Top Shop £24

IMG_9730Cos £45

IMG_9731Wandler £330

IMG_9732Prada £1260

I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off as an everyday look, but I love it belted over this oversized cardigan from H&M.


The only drawback is that I also need to carry a book (or two), umbrella, sunglasses, water etc etc, so I have decided to invest in a shopper for all my extra paraphernalia.

I love this one by Dior, £1250


and this Saint Laurent canvas tote, £765


But, to be honest, I’d rather spend that sort of cash on a holiday. As I was browsing in Selfridges, however,  I found the Selfridges Food Hall Shopper which, at £4.99, is bloody brilliant! It’s bang on trend with its unsubtle logo and it does the job perfectly. It’s so completely utilitarian and if Balenciaga can bring out a tote for almost £2000 that looks like the ubiquitous blue Ikea bag then I reckon this too could become iconic.

At around one three hundredth (!) of the price would you invest in one too?

What I’m Wearing: Cardigan: H&M | Bum Bag: ASOS | Jeans: Top Shop | Boots: Sam Edelman (old) | Shopper: Selfridges

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