Boyfriend Jeans

I’m embarrassed by the number of pairs of  jeans I have in my wardrobe – skinnies, flares, crop flares, straight leg, raw hem… I’ve got them all – but I’m still constantly on the lookout for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. I love the slouchy, relaxed fit but too often they are just too much on the baggy side and swamp rather than flatter.

Recently, however, I read about a solution. If you want your jeans to have a bit of boyfriend slouch but not to look as though you’re wearing your actual boyfriend’s actual jeans,  then buy a pair of skinnies and, this is the clever bit, SIZE UP. Genius, right?  I haven’t yet had a chance to test this theory but it sounds as though it should work, so please let me know if you try it.

So, back to my ever expanding denim collection … It was my birthday last month and amongst the emails offering over 50s life insurance and telling me that it’s time to plan for my funeral, there was a message from Top Shop with a 20% online birthday discount. A clever marketing ploy right there, and, never one to miss out on a bargain, I was obviously straight onto the website with my debit card in my hand. Scrolling through the denim I discovered the perfect boyfriend jeans – the Lucas. Reader, I ordered them. I went for the rich blue as I think darker denim is always more flattering and forgiving. They’re a great fit – not too baggy with a little bit of stretch – and I’ve literally worn them every day since. The search is over. I love them – what do you think?



What I’m Wearing: Jeans: Top Shop | Sweater: H&M | Boots: Clarks | Belt: Gucci | Sunglasses: Prada

2 thoughts on “Boyfriend Jeans

  1. Glad you posted about other shapes of jeans these look fab. It’s so annoying that skinnies seemed to be the only kind of jeans that were around for ages. I have a pair of flares in my wardrobe that have yet to see the light of day because they are too long. Only wear them when the occasion demands a heel to stop them dragging on the floor! Needless to say, they haven’t been worn much!

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