Beauty Pie

I’ve been using Beauty Pie products on my face for the past ten months and my skin has never been better. Wait! Hold on … Beauty Pie … Cutie Pie! I just figured it out. Clever!

In case you haven’t heard about this amazing online store, let me explain it to you. As described on the Beauty Pie website, it’s a BUYERS CLUB FOR BEAUTY ADDICTS. You basically pay a monthly subscription then get to choose from a range of luxury, high-end beauty products at factory prices.  The packaging is stylishly simple and the products are seriously good,  but as they come straight from the factory there’s no added mark-up. Genius!

I’ve tried everything from lipsticks and bronzers to cleansers and serums and nothing has disappointed. My latest order arrived this week. How cool is the packaging?




I’m particularly looking forward to trying the anti-aging hand treatment. I have a freckle on my left hand which, who am I kidding, is actually an age spot and it really bugs me. I know it shouldn’t, and that I should embrace it, but I’m really hoping the super retinol will help it fade away into oblivion. There will be before and after photos. Watch this space.


And on another skincare note, I’ve invested in a huge pile of face cloths from Ikea. Nothing feels more luxurious than a warm flannel to cleanse your face and gently exfoliate at the same time. Even the boys of this house use them (yes, they cleanse and moisturise). That’s one thing I’ve done right as a parent, although credit must really go to Pam at Mortar and Milk in Fulham who gave them a talk on the importance of a proper skincare routine.  This is the basket I bought for the used flannels in the bathroom – any excuse for a bit of sparkle. And with the predicted ‘Beast from the East’ arriving any minute, I suggest we stay indoors and create a bathroom spa to hibernate in until spring.




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