I Heart VB

In the ‘which Spice Girl would you be’ game I would always be Posh (I’m not), the one who can’t sing (I definitely can’t) in the little Gucci dress (I wish).  I would also want to own all the clothes in her wardrobe. Did you see the leopard print coat in her AW18 show at New York Fashion Week?  Wardrobe goals right there but way over budget. So, how to own a little piece of VB??

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and as I can never really think of anything I need – other than a day off and a Colin the Caterpillar cake – I decided a piece of jewellery would be an excellent present. A bit of an investment and, according to millennial daughter, a nice little heirloom.  I like my jewellery to make a statement and Victoria Beckham’s whistle necklace in blonde gold certainly does that.


I’ve been wearing it with everything – and I’ve been tempted to asign a specific tone to each family member to call them when I need something.


So while I’m waiting on my leopard print coat, at least for now I’ve got a small piece of VB, and I’m in love.

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