Tan Handbag

I needed (?!) a new handbag. Well, I needed something to brighten up my wardrobe in the cold dark days until spring, and a handbag is always a good investment. I’ve been using the same bag on a daily basis for about three years, which means it’s been excellent cost per wear but also that it’s time for a change.

For me a handbag must have enough room for all the essentials – purse, phone, make up, keys – plus a paperback or kindle. I must also be able to wear it cross-body to foil the bloody moped thieves plaguing London at the moment.


I love a bit of internet research, and word on the street is that a tan cross-body bag is the accessory du jour. Sadly, the two I love most are way over my budget. The Marcie shoulder bag by Chloe is top of my list followed closely by this lush Givenchy Infinity Saddle bag – they’re obviously on my Pinterest wishlist if anyone’s feeling generous.

So I carried on searching and as usual the high street came up trumps with this 100% leather tan saddle bag from Next. An absolute bargain at only £45. What do you think?

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