Mutton Blog Reboot

Millennial daughter has started a beauty blog (which is obviously already  way more professional and successful than mine will ever be) and I’ve been inspired to give mine another go and reboot Mutton Blog for 2018. In my opinion, there can never be enough fifty plus bloggers showing the world how we too can be stylish, interesting and altogether fabulous. The era of the invisible older woman is well and truly over.

I’ve decided to keep the name because it makes me laugh – although maybe I should rename it sporadic/when I can be arsed blog. It’s a tongue in cheek reminder that we can wear whatever the hell we like regardless of age. If it makes you feel good just do it!

I’m also becoming increasingly aware of the sustainability of fashion, and while I still love a day trawling the high street for bargains (such an excellent way of getting 10,000 steps on my Fitbit), I also love rifling through my embarrassingly overstuffed wardrobe to find treasures from the past twenty odd years that deserve to be seen again. I’m definitely not a fan of the ‘if you haven’t worn it for a year chuck it’ ethos. As Gaby Roslin says, it’s just as fun ‘shopping in your wardrobe’. And I might even throw in some lifestyle stuff too, because life’s too short not to share the good stuff.

So here is Mutton Blog 2.0: Finally fifty(ish). Family all back. Feeling fabulous.

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