not uggs


On a whim I decided that what I absolutely must have to cope with these freezing temperatures is some proper Ugg boots. My feet are always cold so Uggs as slippers are obviously what I need.  But Ugg boots are expensive and although I was prepared to make the investment I came across these lookalikes in Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s for only £25. They’re real suede and super cosy and when I came to pay they had been reduced to £12.50. Sadly they’ve sold out online but they were still available in-store two days ago.

And shall we talk about the leggings? Yes, the rumours are true. Leggings are making a comeback. I found these wet look leggings at ASOS and I think with the right styling ( i.e. not a crop top and heels unless channeling Olivia N-J at a Grease themed party)   I can get away with wearing them out in public and not just lying on the sofa in a huge sweater and my new (faux) Uggs. Watch this space…

What I’m wearing: Boots: Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s | Leggings: ASOS

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