the north london it bag


Mini bags are a trend that’s still going strong but what do you do when you’ve got loads of stuff to cart around?  Why, invest in a giant tote bag of course.  Oversized bags are everywhere but these exclusive leather trimmed camouflage beauties are designed by North London’s Emily Newson. They’re just one string to her very talented bow – check out her instagram @emnews72 and prepare to be wowed.

The bags come in different shapes and sizes with a choice of trim. After much deliberation I went for the biggest and chose the pink metallic trim (pink is going to be huge, trust me).  I also customised my bag with some iron on patches by Jennie Maizels

You can usually find a selection of Emily’s bags at Margot in Crouch End and while you’re there book a treatment or invest in some Mish London pyjamas. It’s January. It’s cold. There’s no Picpoul until February. Now is the time for some pampering!

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